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Nada Alic

Alexander Fairchild – Tonight

Alexander Fairchild – Tonight from Brooks Reynolds on Vimeo.

It’s been so long I could barely remember how to log in to this thing. But I’m still here! Mostly making mixes for a few hundred friends over at my mixtape club, but I often think of FWBA fondly, then forget to blog, then write myself a note to remind me, then never finding the time, then never wanting to. But here I am.

I wanted to share this new video from my friend Alexander Fairchild, made by my other friend Brooks Reynolds. AF’s new album, “Where Do You Go” is out now and it’s really special. I had the good fortune to get to listen to it a while back and write some nice words about it. You can listen to him some more overĀ here (sometimes he writes little commentaries on what his songs mean and I always do enjoy that).