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Secret Mountains is a band I’ve really enjoyed for a couple of years now. I was stoked to see them do a Shaking Through session a while back and have been eagerly awaiting news of a full-length album. Entitled, “Rainer” the band’s first full length will come out on Feb 26th by the always awesome Friends Records, outta Baltimore. You can pre-order the vinyl here.

The first track called “Coasting”, is much like it’s album title, is dark and unpredictable like the weather (at least in these parts). The percussion and guitar thunder throughout, creating a brooding atmosphere, laying low underneath Kelly Laughlin’s hypnotizing vocals. It’s satisfying in that it all sounds so precise. The whole song shimmers like drops of rain on a window pane in the middle of the night – with a sort of Beach House quality.

Listen, below.


Secret Mountains/The Mixtape Series

After talking with Jeffery from the band, he told me he wanted to put together a mix for FWBA. I was more than into the idea, partly because I thought we might have the same taste in music (turns out we do) and partly because I’ve been meaning to revive the series! So here it is, the latest mixtape, from Secret Mountains. It’s the perfect way to kick off 2013.

Secret Mountains Mixtape Tracklist
1. Lia Ices-Love is Won
2. The Morning Benders-Mother and Child Reunion (Paul Simon Cover)
3. You’re Jovian-Sentimental Doubt
4. The War on Drugs-A Pile of Tires
5. Vetiver-Sister
6. Swiss Alps-Summershine (The Sea Urchins)
7. Surfer Blood-Anchorage
8. Deep Time-Clouds
9. Heatmiser-See You Later
10. Conner Youngblood-Australia
11. Tame Imapala-Apocalypse Dreams
12. El Perro Del Mar-Change of Heart
13. Twin Steps-Wave of My Emotion
14. Wye Oak-Remember,Above (Daytrotter)
15. Mountain Man-Dog Song
16. Bibio-Lovers’ Carvings
17. JJ-Are you still in Vallda?
18. Bodies of Water-Open Rhythms
19. Grooms-3D Voices
20. The Babies-Breakin The Law
Download here:

There’s a lot of things I love about the simple concept of inviting artists that I admire to make personal mixes for my readers. First off, I’m supremely curious to know what some of my favorite artists are jamming to (who wouldn’t want to know?) and secondly, it exposes artists in a new context – they become regular people – real music fans that like sharing the music they love just as much as we do. I truly believe in all of the artists in this group and The Lumineers are no exception.

The minute I heard “Ho Hey” I knew it was something more than a catchy tune. It was the same feeling that I got when I heard Spirit Family Reunion for the first time. There’s something inviting about their sound – like they want you to participate and lend them your own ‘hos’ and ‘heys’ and foot stomps and such. And they’re still something of a secret often being referred to as “upcoming” or “hypeworthy”, with a debut LP on it’s way in early April – they’ve yet to be ruined by indie music! Although I doubt that’s their direction. I’m really excited to watch this band grow, I don’t think I can ever get enough of that rootsy folk sound. Read their thoughtful descriptions below and imagine yourself jamming to Queen right along with them.

The Lumineers’ Mixtape: 

10 songs that can make touring in a soccer-mom-minivan feel like you’re riding in a Delorean.

We’re about to head off on tour, our 1st EVER – DEBUT CD-Release International Tour (Canada!), and we have been traveling up to this point in a Silver Ford Windstar with the vanity plate “LUMINRS”… although humorous, these plates may have also led to us getting robbed of most of our instruments in LA a few months back.  so the joke was
on us.  haha (tear drop).

But, despite being cramped in a minivan with all our gear for most of the past year, there were songs that made us forget we were traveling in a beat up minivan, and tricked us into believing, momentarily, that
we were riding in style… at 88mph with michael j. fox, the flux capacitor, and einstein (the dog) all packed inside.

1. Take off your sunglasses – ezra furman and the harpoons
a friend of ours played this for us on our last tour, repeatedly, and
it grew on me like a fungus.  a very very very attractive fungus. and
now i’m hooked and can’t get enough – check out the daytrotter – it’s
violent femmes meets bob dylan.

2. the whitest boy alive – burning
this album is one of best produced albums for it’s simplicity and
bare-bones arrangements – the songs are simply Bad-Ass, and unlike a
lot of other bands, these songs are not apologizing for being stripped
down – like a beautiful woman without makeup on.  wow.

3. brmc (black rebel motorcycle club) – shuffle your feet

it’s hard not to feel good about yourself with this track blasting and
an arm out the window rolling through a small town, like you know
something everyone else in this one-horse town does not.

4. bruce hornsby – changes made
one of the most dynamic and well produced pop songs ever.  blast it
and enjoy the ride.

5. tv on the radio – staring at the sun
this one feels like the a kettle boiling quietly at first and then
boiling over.  the tension builds and then the sweet release.

6. black keys – long gone
from the beginning of the song, the tone is set when Dan Auerbach says
“Yea ?”, seeing if the listener is ready for his swagger… the chorus
riff is sick.

7. kid cudi – wake and bake
i used to mop floors in the morning, hungover, and one of the cooks
would blast this whole album, but this was the one that always got me.
i was an inspired mopper with this song on, and when i was through
with the floors, you could see your reflection in em.

8. gorillaz – welcome to world of the plastic beach
everytime we would play this song on the road, jer would recognize it
by the first note of the synth horns, less than a half a second into
the song.  snoop.  sick. anything he says could sound cool, and does.

9. kings of leon – trani
i heard bob dylan asked the kings what this song was about at an
awards show – the article deflty pointed out that dylan had once been
asked that same question, and his response was, “some of my songs are
about 4 minutes, some 5, one of em is about 12mins”.  the lyrics are
incredible, and the guitar solo… such a payoff.

10. queen – don’t stop me now
put this song on and try not to feel good. absurdly good.

Download the mix here:

Nada Alic

The Mixtape Series: Tasseomancy / Mix 22

Tasseomancy put together a mix for FWBA and that’s exciting for a lot of reasons. Mainly, because they are the first ladies to contribute to the series, and because their mix is fantastic. I’ve been listening to it all morning. I really want to keep the series going this year, it gives me the opportunity to put all these National Geographic scans to good use!

The ladies included tracks from Carly Simon and Kate Bush among others – it seemed to reflect their aesthetic perfectly: otherworldy, synth pop beats, and earthy folk harmonies. If you haven’t yet – pick up their album Ulalume on vinyl and purchase a candle set while you’re at it. Grab the mix at the link below.


01. Mrs. Jumbo – Baby of Mine
02. Lesley Duncan – Love Song
03. Moondog – Bird’s Lament
04. Robbie Basho – Blue Crystal Fire 05. Forest – Graveyard
06. Kate Bush – Suspended in Gaffa
07. Klaus Nomi – Lightning Strikes
08. Carly Simon – Why
09. Antena – Achilles
10. Selda Bagcan – Yaz Gazeteci Yaz
11. Enya – Storms in Africa
12. Philip Glass & Uakti – Metamorphosis
13. Popol Vuh – Kyrie

Download link:


After a brief hiatus,The Mixtape Series is back, and what a better way to breathe some new life into it than to feature one of my new favorite bands, You Won’t. They put together a mix called, “Thinking Too Much” and it’s a good one. Check out the Elephant Micah track, “Wild Goose Chase”. Dark Dark Dark does a beautiful cover of this song. I suggest you pick up their new record, “Skeptic Goodbye” it’s a perfect pop album that stretches bounds of experimentation while still leaning on classic pop and rock with electric guitar and hearty keys. It’s been my jam for the passed month. Grab it here.


1) Crucify Your Mind – Rodriguez
2) Honeymoon – Bombadil
3) Are You In – Julia Read
4) All My Hollowness to You – Tall Dwarfs
5) Bim Today (Bam Tomorrow) – Toots & the Maytals
6) Send In the Clowns – The Tiger Lillies
7) Think Too Much (b) – Paul Simon
8 ) Hate Song – Daniel Johnston
9) Wild Goose Chase – Elephant Micah

Download here: