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Secret Mountains is a band I’ve really enjoyed for a couple of years now. I was stoked to see them do a Shaking Through session a while back and have been eagerly awaiting news of a full-length album. Entitled, “Rainer” the band’s first full length will come out on Feb 26th by the always awesome Friends Records, outta Baltimore. You can pre-order the vinyl here.

The first track called “Coasting”, is much like it’s album title, is dark and unpredictable like the weather (at least in these parts). The percussion and guitar thunder throughout, creating a brooding atmosphere, laying low underneath¬†Kelly Laughlin’s hypnotizing vocals. It’s satisfying in that it all sounds so precise. The whole song shimmers like drops of rain on a window pane in the middle of the night – with a sort of Beach House quality.

Listen, below.


Secret Mountains/The Mixtape Series

After talking with Jeffery from the band, he told me he wanted to put together a mix for FWBA. I was more than into the idea, partly because I thought we might have the same taste in music (turns out we do) and partly because I’ve been meaning to revive the series! So here it is, the latest mixtape, from Secret Mountains. It’s the perfect way to kick off 2013.

Secret Mountains Mixtape Tracklist
1. Lia Ices-Love is Won
2. The Morning Benders-Mother and Child Reunion (Paul Simon Cover)
3. You’re Jovian-Sentimental Doubt
4. The War on Drugs-A Pile of Tires
5. Vetiver-Sister
6. Swiss Alps-Summershine (The Sea Urchins)
7. Surfer Blood-Anchorage
8. Deep Time-Clouds
9. Heatmiser-See You Later
10. Conner Youngblood-Australia
11. Tame Imapala-Apocalypse Dreams
12. El Perro Del Mar-Change of Heart
13. Twin Steps-Wave of My Emotion
14. Wye Oak-Remember,Above (Daytrotter)
15. Mountain Man-Dog Song
16. Bibio-Lovers’ Carvings
17. JJ-Are you still in Vallda?
18. Bodies of Water-Open Rhythms
19. Grooms-3D Voices
20. The Babies-Breakin The Law
Download here:
Nada Alic

Shaking Through / Secret Mountains

Shaking Through: Secret Mountains from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

I’m a bit late to posting this but I just checked out the latest session of Shaking Through with Secret Mountains. Stoked to see them up here, I’ve worked with them in the past, I set up a show for them a while back and although I wasn’t there to see it I heard it was wonderful. I’m loving how these sessions reveal the process in a very human and sometimes unromantic way. It’s about collaboration and creativity, and the result is something pretty special. Read more about it, here.