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Nada Alic

Alexander Fairchild – Tonight

Alexander Fairchild – Tonight from Brooks Reynolds on Vimeo.

It’s been so long I could barely remember how to log in to this thing. But I’m still here! Mostly making mixes for a few hundred friends over at my mixtape club, but I often think of FWBA fondly, then forget to blog, then write myself a note to remind me, then never finding the time, then never wanting to. But here I am.

I wanted to share this new video from my friend Alexander Fairchild, made by my other friend Brooks Reynolds. AF’s new album, “Where Do You Go” is out now and it’s really special. I had the good fortune to get to listen to it a while back and write some nice words about it. You can listen to him some more over here (sometimes he writes little commentaries on what his songs mean and I always do enjoy that).

Nada Alic

Alexander Fairchild – Place is You

My friend Nathan Finochio plays music under Alexander Fairchild because much like everything he does- it was born out of a romantic notion, a way to emulate a girl he liked- the way you posture yourself on a date to cross your legs on the same side, tilt your head to kiss- it’s all nuanced and charming and that’s what Alexander Fairchild is.

As I was catching up on my friend Brooks’ Reynolds film/photography blog I noticed they’d shot a music video together a while back- I was pretty excited ever since Brooks started shooting videos because his growth is visual- and patterns emerge: all of his work is darker, more cinematic and has some sort of novel narrative developing- typically: young love. This video has all essentially qualities of that- something childlike: french fries, vintage decor, an overall minimal aesthetic and a build to something that might seem more dramatic than his inital spelled out in fries and ketchup. But that’s what we do, right? We dramaticize small things and see them in everything, even late night snacks.

I love the song “Place is You” because it sounds similar to the organ tone in Bazan’s Hard to Be (we share a mutual love). And Nathan’s got this beautiful hollowness to his vocals that allow for textures and layers of himself- it’s almost like J. Tillman, Iron & Wine, or the rusty vinyl quality that melts off of Ted Lucas records. Watch below and find out more here.

Nada Alic

The Mountains Are Calling


Leonard Knight- stands as a boy-wonder and the last known breed of magical thinkers in front of his mountain made of adobe and love of God in the California deserts. 

Mountains magazine/book series has finally launched! Photographer and good friend Brooks Reynolds wants you to pick up your copy, because he travelled the whole of North America and really, that’s the least you could do. Below is some of what you can expect for this project:

‘Mountains’ began in Brooks Reynolds’ van; the kind of vehicle that had veteran status- clocking in more miles than it could bear and mapping out both coasts of the great Americas before it had any rightful say in the matter. On his seven week journey, Brooks salvaged the stoic beauty of lost Americana, not only in the magnificence of it’s peaks and valleys, but in the powerful stories hiding behind the eyes of it’s people. This photographic expedition soon turned into his own personal Everest and a wellspring from which a community of people collaborated to bring Mountains, the magazine- into fruition.

The Mountains aesthetic finds it’s roots in simplicity. The ninety-six bound pages of smooth paper serve as a canvass for the magical illustrations of Jackie Musial, for the poetic prose of Trevor Walroth, the collision of compassion and skate culture as orchestrated by the great Rob Dyer and for the compass that leads you to the foot of your own adventure.

We now pass it on to you. This is Mountains, a space to celebrate the artists, dreamers and misfits who have obliterated the finite box through which we see our world, who have taken the roads never-travelled and found a way to prevail despite all rules and better judgment, this is a place where art, innovation and humanity meet. As we continue, there will be perils of peaks and summits in front of us while print prematurely waves it’s white flag of defeat; we dutifully embark on a campaign to revive it as a medium unlike any other. We invite you to join us, we’re on our way up from here. The Mountains are calling.