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Nada Alic

Andy Shauf – The Bearer of Bad News

THE BEARER OF BAD NEWS | ANDY SHAUF from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

New teaser video for Andy Shauf’s new album The Bearer of Bad News. Listen to his latest track, “I’m Not Falling Asleep”. You can actually stream the whole album over at Bandcamp – listen to another great track “You’re Out Wasting”.

I’m Not Falling Asleep by Andy Shauf

It was the winter of 2008 when I first heard Andy Shauf. I remember it because his album Darker Days was the first album I ever purchased on iTunes. That album carried me through a confusing season in Florida and since then I’ll put it on infrequently when I remember it. There’s something about Andy, and maybe it’s that element of nostalgia I carry from my days down South but I love the sound of his voice, and I just think his songs are fantastic.

I just noticed that he is on tour with another favorite (relatively new) artist named Jordan Klassen and they’ll be playing a string of dates this week at CMW. Better yet – he’s got a new EP out that I have been playing on repeat for most of the day. It’s called “Sam Jones Feeds His Demons” and it’s such a beautiful growth from the summery pop love songs of Darker Days. There’s more of that contemplative Elliot Smith to it. I highly recommend you give this EP a listen, because it is worthy of some attention. I think I’ll always be a fan of Shauf’s music – there’s something familiar about it, the way he pronounces his words, the harmonies, the simplicity of it all. Be sure to listen to Victoria below.