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Nada Alic

Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

My pal Matt over at Everybody Taste (a music blog I highly recommend you add to your Google Reader) sent me over a track from Teen Mom off his label, Analog Edition. The track, entitled I Wanna Go Out is everything I’m feeling right now, it’s a Saturday morning and it’s pouring rain out. So I’m stuck here! Super catchy jam, get into it!

Teen Mom – “I Wanna Go Out” by Analog Edition Records

Nada Alic

Lands and Peoples – Pop Guilt

Baltimore’s Lands and Peoples debut EP Pop Guilt is coming out on March 27th in a limited vinyl release of 300 hand-numbered copies on 12” white vinyl from my friend Matt Car over at Analog Edition. The artwork was designed by Christopher Muccioli from Baltimore band, Secret Mountains. After hearing the single “Ghosts” sometime last week, something about it caught my attention. It’s got a slow vibe to it, with vocals sing out, “”stoned and impatient” which sounds like a paradox, right? But there’s something about those vocals, they sort of billow out and stretch when they need to. It all feels as though it’s cascading downwards. I was reading about the Impose premiere and it was described as someone zoning out in a conversation. That’s how it feels.

I got a preview of the rest of the album and I’ve been really digging it. There’s almost a Here We Go Magic or Le Loup sound to it. Especially with the clapping in, “I Tried” or the tribal feel of “Sexting”. A standout track for me is “Ukelele” as it reveals the vocal range best – there’s a kind of sinister romance to it. Pop Guilt is the sort of record that floats along, it’s the kind you’d want on vinyl because you can just let it play until the needle hisses. It’s got a really nice mellow quality to it.

Pre-order your copy here. 

Lands & Peoples – “Ghosts” by Analog Edition Records