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Nada Alic

Sept Mix

Here it is, the September mix. Happy 3 year anniversary, mix club!

It’s always easy in September because this is the month when everything good comes out. There are so many good albums streaming right now: Delta Spirit, Ryan Adams, Tennis, and soon to be released, the new Blake Mills, Generationals, Julian Casablancas, and the monthly tracks that Dave Bazan has been releasing (and probably a few others that I’ve forgotten). Basically, order has been restored in the otherwise vapid wasteland that was music this summer.

Other things I’ve been digging as of lately: Miranda July’s new Somebody App. Get it and we will become somebodies together. Catherine Lacey’s book: Nobody is ever missing. Rebecca Curtis’ Twenty Grand. Lena Dunham’s hilarious New Yorker short story from her upcoming novel. And more importantly, the latest season of Inside Amy Schumer is up and streamable in all of it’s filthy glory. If I could line up all the women in the world and choose just one to be my best friend, it would be Amy Schumer.

Nada Alic

FWBA’s August Mix / 5th Blogiversary

august copy

To celebrate 5 years of Friends With Both Arms, I put together an August mix, which actually isn’t so unusual, since I’ve been doing that every month for the last two years, it’s just been secret. So, for one time only, I’m opening the list up to some new members. If you want to be in the secret club, sign up here.


Nada Alic

French Style Furs – Turn or Burn

French Style Furs is members of Cold War Kids and We Barbarians. Stream their debut album here.

Nada Alic



I’ve been listening to this band Alvvays all week and only now did I realize they are from my lovely city of Toronto. The band, led by Molly Rankin has that teen angst I’ve been looking for as I come off the heels of my California adventures. LA, I MISH YOU.  Their debut album came out yesterday so you can pick it up here:  

Nada Alic

Blake Mills – If I’m Unworthy


There are few things that can bring me back from blogging obscurity and back into the womb of hyperbole, Blake Mills is one of those things. And today was a big day – he released two new tracks from his upcoming album Heigh Ho, and I die. Along with “If I’m Unworthy” he also released “Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me” which I had previously heard from a Wild Honey Pie session some time ago, but now with Fiona Apple on backing vocals. There is truly nothing he could do (not even socks and sandals) that I wouldn’t adore. Listen, below.

Nada Alic

Later – Going to California


Hey all, I’m  headed to San Francisco + LA for the next few weeks. I’ll be at an adult summer camp, joshua tree and just generally living off the grid. Here’s a mix in the meantime! K, BYE!

Nada Alic

Future You Zine


I made a zine with my friend Andrea Nakhla and it’s called Future You. You can pre-order it here. It’s a collection of short fiction that I wrote in the winter months because, what else are you gonna do?

This issue features the artwork of LA based painter and illustrator, Andrea Nakhla, it also features photography from Toronto-based Angela Lewis and the cover was designed by my friend Nik Ewing (who made a mix for this blog just a few posts earlier!)

You can find out more about it here:

Nada Alic

Flood Coats – Parch My Heart

Flood Coats: Parch My Heart from Ashley Gutierrez on Vimeo.

Check out this epic video from Flood Coats – Joel P. West and Darla Hawn. So good. I miss San Diego.

Nada Alic

FWBA Mix : Nik Ewing /Local Natives


My friend Nik Ewing who plays in Local Natives kindly put together a mix for FWBA. It’s been a while since I’ve had a guest mix and this one has been long-awaited but Nik tells me he wanted to make sure it was the perfect mix. Nik also tours essentially 100% of the year so it was cool of him to do this. We first became friends a few years back at SXSW when he played for a San Diego band called Lesands, and we bonded over our mutual love for Blake Mills (featured on this mix). Since then we only see each other briefly, including once in Dublin, Ireland! Nik is also credited with creating the design/branding for this blog and making me look a lot cooler than I actually am. You can see some of his other work here. He also loves to wear vertical stripes.

Check out his mix below (and download the full version at the link)

Yosi Horikawa – Bump
CANT – Too Late, Too Far
Darkside – Metatron
Jai Paul – jasmine (demo)
Solange – Losing You
Little Dragon – After The Rain
James Blake, RZA – Take A Fall For Me
Lower Dens – Alphabet Song
Portishead – The Rip
Radiohead – There, There
Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings
Bob Dylan – Series of Dreams
MGMT – Someone’s Missing
The Beach Boys – All I Wanna Do
Blake Mills – Cheers




Nada Alic

Sylvan Esso – BandVan Sessions

Check out this La Blogotheque BandVan session with Sylvan Esso at SXSW. Beautiful minimalist song. I feel like I’ve been waiting for this record forever.

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