I started this blog in the summer of 2009, during the heyday of independent music blogs. All of us were genuinely excited about the music we were sharing and none of us were talking about how to monetize. The internet felt really small and it seemed we all made a point to connect, whether we were all at the same music festival or just collaborating together online. While my music blog remains a small corner of the internet that I alone occupy, it’s introduced me to a lot of incredible people that I’m humbled to know or have worked with. It got me on the road, organizing big shows and living room shows alike, meeting some of my heros, writing for big publications and the rest of it. But it mostly kept me apart of this deeply meaningful world of music; however exhaustive, redundant or simply unfair it can be to most worthy artists. Now that new media has taken over with buzzfeed-esque drones and advertorials, I’m glad that there are still those of us out there fighting the good fight and writing about music that we believe in, friends that I think are worthy of your time: I Guess I’m Floating, Yours Truly, Portals, Stadiums & Shrines, Head Underwater, Yvynyl, Indie Music Filter, Smoke Don’t Smoke and The Wild Honey Pie.


I don’t read press releases. I discover music through friends, hypem, feedly, mixtapes. If you have something non-press releasy to share, you can write me at nalic11 [at] gmail [dot] com

PS I live in Los Angeles now, not Toronto!

Special thanks to:

Nik Ewing- Designer
Andrea Nakhla- Andrea Antoinette
Brandon Tauszik- Sprinkle Lab
Nathaniel Whitcomb- Think or Smile
Noah Smith- Hard Mix
Steve Witmer- Invisible Children
Brian Wood- White Guys With Beards [RIP]
Chris Budd- Indie Music Filter


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