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Nada Alic

Lovelier Other – Leave This Behind

This dreamy track flew into my inbox the other day and I’m so glad I caught it. The band is called Lovelier Other and the song is called Leave This Behind. It’s definitely got that Sigur Ros softness. I don’t know much else about this band but I’m looking forward to hearing more.

Leave this behind by Lovelier Other

Nada Alic

Suuns – Edies Dream

This is the most mellow music I could possibly listen to after a long day of using my brain to make thousands of micro decisions at a desk sitting still. Sometimes, you just feel like melting into the couch. This is the kind of sound you’d want to melt with, trust me.

Look out for their new record via Secretly Canadian next year.

Nada Alic

Tom Hymn / new mexican new year

My old friend Chad Houseman recently released a digital album under the moniker Tom Hymn, entitled “new mexican new year“. I haven’t heard from him in years, but then I received an email about his music and ended up listening to it all evening. His vocals and lyrics remind me a lot of Paleo, but a little more folky.


Tom Hymn – I Wish You Were In The Sea

Nada Alic

You Won’t – Who Knew (Video)

New video for “Who Knew” from You Won’t. I’ve said this a few times, but I absolutely love this band. This video is a must-see – I watched it straight through to the end, no skims! It’s amazing and weird. Really wish they were coming through here on their upcoming tour!