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Nada Alic

Buke and Gase – Function Falls

I posted about Buke and Gase not too long ago and I recently realized they have a new EP out called Function Falls, so I just purchased a digital copy and my mind is melting to the song, “Misshaping Introduction”. This is what the future sounds like and I’m in love with it. The EP explores more technical sounds and the vocals themselves serve as another part of the instrumentation, lending itself to a good flow. The whole EP is streaming over at their Bandcamp.

Buke and Gase – Misshaping Introduction by paperandiron

Nada Alic

Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

My pal Matt over at Everybody Taste (a music blog I highly recommend you add to your Google Reader) sent me over a track from Teen Mom off his label, Analog Edition. The track, entitled I Wanna Go Out is everything I’m feeling right now, it’s a Saturday morning and it’s pouring rain out. So I’m stuck here! Super catchy jam, get into it!

Teen Mom – “I Wanna Go Out” by Analog Edition Records

Nada Alic

PAPA – Put Me To Work

I love this new track from PAPA called “Put Me To Work”. I first saw PAPA at a showcase I was working at in LA, which ended up being their record release. I was totally blown away. The vocals almost have a Killers’ vibe. This band is only getting better.

Put Me To Work by PAPAtheband

Nada Alic

The Tree Ring / The Rainshadow

If I could be anywhere next week, I’d be at the Tree Ring record release show in San Diego standing among a few friends stretching out a nostalgia that runs years deep. I’ll have to wait until January, so for now, I’ll be listening to this song on repeat, off their upcoming record Brushbloom. Everyone should to listen to their new record, and if you happen to find yourself in LA or San Diego next week, you must go to their show.

WRITER / Disparate Youth (Santigold) – Animated-Loop from BROTHERS RALPH on Vimeo.

My two favourite brothers, Writer, sent over this video of their cover of Santigold a while ago and I’d been meaning to post it. It’s so hypnotizing. I love it. And if you haven’t already, watch their video for Hot Days, because that song is amazing.

Nada Alic

No Kill – Loose Teeth

I never get to check my inbox, but when I do I get sweet gems like this band. No Kill from Brooklyn. They’ve got that pop-y noise rock sound that sounds a little bit like early Best Coast/Dum Dum Girls/Grass Widow. Listen to my two favourite tracks, below.

Nada Alic

Haim – Don’t Save Me

I love Haim. They’ve got a new track called “Don’t Save Me”. New year’s resolution: grow hair out, buy a drum kit, apply to become the fourth member of Haim. … What?

HAIM – Don’t Save Me by

Nada Alic

Jesse Woods – Danger in the Dancehall

I can’t quite remember when I first heard about Jesse Woods but I guess I could just search my blog archives and find out. I immediately thought there was something special about him and shared his music with all of my friends. So when I was planning a SXSW showcase last year I knew I wanted him to be apart of it. After that I didn’t hear much from him until now. He’s come out with a new track called Danger in the Dancehall off his upcoming record “Get Your Burdens Lifted” and it’s a great one. Looking forward to hearing more new stuff from him!

Danger In The Dancehall by Jesse Woods

Nada Alic

Andy Shauf – The Bearer of Bad News

THE BEARER OF BAD NEWS | ANDY SHAUF from Shot at The Dark on Vimeo.

New teaser video for Andy Shauf’s new album The Bearer of Bad News. Listen to his latest track, “I’m Not Falling Asleep”. You can actually stream the whole album over at Bandcamp – listen to another great track “You’re Out Wasting”.

I’m Not Falling Asleep by Andy Shauf

Nada Alic

The Wooden Sky – I’m Your Man

I’d been meaning to get this up. Check out the latest video from The Wooden Sky for “I’m Your Man” beautifully directed by Justin Broadbent. Love this one.

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