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Nada Alic

Shaking Through / Secret Mountains

Shaking Through: Secret Mountains from Weathervane Music on Vimeo.

I’m a bit late to posting this but I just checked out the latest session of Shaking Through with Secret Mountains. Stoked to see them up here, I’ve worked with them in the past, I set up a show for them a while back and although I wasn’t there to see it I heard it was wonderful. I’m loving how these sessions reveal the process in a very human and sometimes unromantic way. It’s about collaboration and creativity, and the result is something pretty special. Read more about it, here.

Loving this new track from Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Has a Woods vibe.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Swim and Sleep (Like  A Shark)

Nada Alic

Tame Impala – Elephant

My eyes!

Nada Alic

Made of Imagination : Little Scream

Our latest Made of Imagination episode with Little Scream is up! This one was my personal favourite, I love Little Scream and I love this re-imagined version of Cannons that she did with a few circuit benders from InterAccess. Watch below and read my behind the scenes, here.

Made of Imagination with Little Scream from Free Agency on Vimeo.

Check out the new video from Buke and Gase, in what they refer to as a “moving portrait” off their EP out today! Can’t wait to hear the rest. They’re so fun.

Nada Alic

Princess Music – White Wave

Those of you on my email list have already heard this track by Princess Music but I wanted to post it up here too. Princess Music is a classically-trained 5 piece band from Denver that have only put out one track as far as I can see. That one track has got them quite far around the blogosphere and I think that has something to do with how epic it sounds, lush instrumentation and frontman Tyler Ludwick’s sweeping vocals make it sound a little like Sufjan Stevens. Can’t wait to hear more from this group. Listen below!

White Wave by Princess Music

The Wild Honey Pie hosted Blake Mills in their home/studio as he played a few acoustic songs, one of which was a new one: “Don’t Tell Your Friends About Me”. If this is any indication of what his new album will be like, I cannot wait to hear the rest. This one definitely has a Ryan Adams vibe. Simply beautiful. The best part is you can download the track for free! Check out more, including “It’ll All Work Out” over at The Wild Honey Pie.

Don’t Tell All Our Friends About Me – Blake Mills (Honey I’m Home Session) by thewildhoneypie

Mike Bloom » Here We Go Magic “How Do I Know” from The Voice Project on Vimeo.

The internet sometimes reminds me that I have friends in far away places and that I’m really no good at keeping up with them. But sometimes they will nudge me. This was a nice nudge. I came across an awesome Voice Project session featuring Mike Bloom covering one of my favourite songs of the year, “How Do I Know” by Here We Go Magic. My friend Hunter runs the Voice Project and is consistently pumping out amazing covers from amazing artists. Check out this session and find out more about their organization, here.

Nada Alic

Seamonster – Baldessari

I posted about Seamonster way way back and hadn’t heard anything in some time. Well, apparently they have a new record! It’s called Baldessari and it’s coming out in September via Gold Robot Records. The record is named after John Baldessari – whose creative appropriation of discarded material served as a direct inspiration to the recording of the album. Fitting for Adrian Todd Webb, a cartoonist himself who also used a freeware program called AudioPaint to convert images of paintings into sounds which were then incorporated into the compositions.

What I love most about Seamonster and this record is that it’s got these really easy pop melodies, but it also sounds experimental. The result is what I’d describe as modern folk, as in – folk infused with computerized noises and effects, fuzz and all.

Standout tracks include, ” Vincent’s Chair”, “Howard Finster, Man of Visions” and “Parasol”.

Nada Alic

Blessed Feathers & PWC – Porcelain

I’ve been late on posting this one but I legitimately and truly fell in love with this beautiful cover by Blessed Feathers and my man friend, Peter. I’m aware that I’m completely biased because I love everyone involved, but man is it lovely. I’ll admit that I didn’t even know it was a Red Hot Chili Peppers cover until Peter told me – I just thought it was an epic tune! It gives me goosebumps just listening to it.

Blessed Feathers are set to release their album Peaceful Beasts In An Ocean Of Weeds on October 9 and I could not be more excited to hear it.

Blessed Feathers & Peter Wolf Crier | Porcelain (RHCP Cover) by Blessed Feathers