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Nada Alic

Dark Dark Dark – Tell Me

I’ve loved Dark Dark Dark for quite some time now so I was jacked to find out that they released a new song this week called “Tell Me” off their upcoming record “Who Needs Who” on Oct. 1st. Listen, below!

Dark Dark Dark – Tell Me by supplyanddemand

Nada Alic

Tom Eddy – The Bread Maker’s Blues

I recently discovered Tom Eddy who is a mix of all sorts of good things – he sounds a little like Bibio, mixed with Patrick Watson, and it’s all breezy and bluesy and folk. He’s a Seattle based artist, sometimes known to play in such bands as Beat Connection or Doldrums and this is his second solo EP entitled The Bread Maker’s Blues, a follow up from his The Art of Escaping debut. The record was inspired by and conceived in Paris and it’s apparent. Listen below and check out more on his bandcamp.

Nada Alic

Birds & Batteries / Let the Door Swing

San Francisco’s Birds & Batteries just released a new video for “Let the Door Swing” off their new record “Stray Light” due Aug 7th. The video is super psychedelic and dreamy. You can download the track for free over at their website and I suggest you do because I’ve pretty much been listening to it all week. So catchy!

Nada Alic

Aaron Embry

Sometimes I post about music over at Booooooom and I forget to share them with FWBA readers, and I remember Aaron Embry being one of them. There is something so peculiar and interesting about Aaron, the way he smiles like he has a lisp, his songs and his voice – like he’s skirting around the fact that he might be crushingly sad but he’ll still keep smiling playfully. It’s almost like a carefully orchestrated scene – he’s innocent, yet he’s seen enough to know that things aren’t always good or perfect. Despite that, he makes beautiful songs that play out like serenades, one in particular that I love is “Your Heart and Mine”. Watch below and watch the rest of the videos he and a friend recorded on an iphone, here.

Nada Alic

Arms – Summer Skills

One of my favourite bands out of Brooklyn – ARMS just came out with a new song called Summer Skills and it’s definitely a sign of growth, Todd Goldstein’s voice pretty much sounds good singing anything so I dig it! Listen below.

Summer Skills (Bump in the Night Version) by ARMS

Brandon Tauszik


Humanity is blessed with a seemingly uncanny ability to reinvent and redeem itself. When tragedy or irrelevance rear their ugly heads, we simply push through and adapt with an evolutionary like finesse, continuing to wake up the next day, and the next, and the next.

Upon this premise Kenny Vasoli, former frontman of The Starting Line, has taken it upon himself to bless us with a new musical project, Vacationer. Vasoli’s sound has departed slightly from it’s glory days of pop-punk (R.I.P.) and appropriately arrived at chillwave. Critics are quick to liken Vacationer to another Vampire Weekend, with it’s similarly afro-cale taste and white guy croon. However I approximate them closer to San Diego’s TV Girl, minus all the lyrics about unsatisfying sex with your ex. All this to say you’ll be anything but unsatisfied with their recent full-length release Gone.

Good As New by Vacationer

Nada Alic

Metric / Synthetica (Acoustic)

Brandon Tauszik linked me to this rad acoustic version of Metric’s Synthetica. I’ve been listening to the record often, I’ve been loving Clone and Dreams So Real. Watch above!

Nada Alic

Fear of Men – Green Sea

Check out this UK band, Fear of Men – their new video for Green Sea looks like something I’d expect to see projected on a wall at a Brooklyn loft party. … what? It’s true! But the song is pretty good so I dig it.

Nada Alic

Michael Rault – I Want to Love You

Check out this rad video from Edmonton artist, Michael Rault – looks like it was shot on a Super 8. It’s emulating that nostalgic rock & roll sound, but pulls it off without sounding too cliche. Reminds me of Strange Boys. This one is off his new EP “Whirlpool” via Pirates Blend.

My boyfriend is still in the UK playing shows and it feels like eternity, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s picked up some kind of hybrid midwest/english accent. I really hope he does. He was telling me about a show he played with a band called Tiny Ruins, and suggested I check them out.

He knew me too well because the band is led by the moving vocals of Hollie Fullbrook, sometimes achingly quiet, she sings folk like she was made for it. Listen, below.

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