Suckers – Chinese Braille

Cameron Dmytryk


Oh how whistling can go wrong.  Song after song, decade after decade, bands crap out some half thought, catchy chorus airwave stinker that has a whistle bridge or outro just to finish the damn thing and get their publicists to cycle that catchy hook that everyone’s telling them is gonna “take them to the next level.”

Enter Suckers new single “Chinese Braille” a undeniably catchy track from the somewhat new Brooklyn indie psych band that comes as a friendly reminder that if you treat whistling like actual instrumentation it can work, and in this instance works like a charm.

The diversity between Suckers vocalists Quinn Walker, Austin Fisher, and Pan vary greatly when soloed up, but when placed on top of each other solidifies into the one vocal uniform that really drives these songs home.  “Chinese Braille” goes thematically through tales of overdramatized arguments, squabbles that are analyzed to death and unnecessary to even get upset about

“It’s not Chinese Braille but you still don’t understand…”

Carefully executed on the production side and incessantly catchy from section to section, Suckers are truly another of the uniquely talented Brooklyn bands, bands that branch from their scene one by one, picking ideas from the previous and expanding possibilities of the still blossoming yet never precisely defined realm that is indie rock.

Suckers – Chinese Braille

Candy Salad, Suckers sophomore LP, is now available on French Kiss

Chinese Braille by suckersmusic

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