St Vincent – Grot/Krokodil

Nada Alic

A lot happens in a week – I was out in Vancouver for work and I came back to Toronto only to find out that music really does move on without you (sigh). From what I got caught up with, I was stoked to finally hear St. Vincent’s Record Store Day 7″ ft. two new tracks: Grot & Krokodil. Both are nothing like Strange Mercy. You could just tell that all of her stuff was just leading up to this moment, where she could just rock so hard, with a pulsing – almost hardcore – breakdown Grot is a powerful track. Backed by a repetitive melody, she sings in a lower, almost inaudible tone. I really don’t think St. Vincent could get any cooler at this point. She just needs to cool it now, I can’t handle this.

Listen, below.

St. Vincent – Grot

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