Radiation City – Winter Blind

Nada Alic

Give a warm welcome to Cameron Dmytryk – a new contributor! He’s from LA, I dig his music picks, read more below! More coming from Cameron soon!

Upon first listen to Portlands own Radiation City one thing is clear; this isn’t your verse, pre-chorus, hook + repeat typical formula. These songs bloom and develop untraditionally, much like an independent film you leave not fully understanding, yet you cant help but feel revived and curious about the elements you may have missed.

“Winter Blind” starts with deep blurry arpeggiators accompanied by child-like building blocks and stabbing, interrupting toms. What it drives into is purely theatrical in the greatest sense of the word, evoking remembrance of early Arcade Fire and Spencer Krug back when his creativity was honed in and not splattered on every present canvas. Male vocalist Cameron Spies is deep within his own lyrics here while female vocalist Lizzy Ellison swirls vocal atmospherics through the tracks progressive timeline, plodding along through various thoughts of song without ever meandering, only picking up blocks of ultimate emotion to play with throughout, erupting into an explosive finale that circles back into those initial tom stabs. Blissful yet never comfortable.

– Cameron Dmytryk

Winter Blind by Radiation City

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    Lovely review of "Winter Blind" off our recent EP. http://t.co/lkkXIgl2

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