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Brandon Tauszik


(via Brandon)

Vocalist Genevieve Artadi and drummer Louis Cole deserve their own respective posts, but for our convenience they’ve combined their magnificent forces into one. Aptly titled “Louis Cole and Genevieve Artadi” their combined sound is one of pure MDMA. Citing influences such as Tony Williams, James Brown and Kate Bush, they’ve pumped out a funky stream of percussion-heavy music since their initial merge in 2010.

You can probably catch them playing a live if you’re near L.A., but for the rest of us there is a new LP here and a vast expanse of homegrown videos on their YouTube channel.

Nada Alic

Headed to Brooklyn – be right back

Hey friends,

I didn’t get a chance to queue up any posts, been super slammed at work so you won’t see any new posts up on the blog this week. I’ll be back next next weekend with a ton of new stuff. Excited to spend some time in Brooklyn again, and survive on nothing but sloppy pizza.

In lieu of posts, I offer you my secret mixtape that I only send out to my newsletter friends, but what the heck.

April Mix, download it here:

Nada Alic

Sibylle Baier – Colour Green

I came across Sibylle Baier just this week when I saw an old Youtube video posted up and I listened to a track off her (only?) album The Colour Green and immediately wanted to know more. For those who don’t know she’s a German folk artist whose early 70s recordings were collected by her son in 2006 and got into the hands of J Mascis who sent it over to a label to release. So it took 30 years for the songs to get out but I’m so glad they did. There’s something incredibly peaceful about her music. It’s kind of a cross between Nico and Sharon Van Etten. You can buy the record here.

Sibylle Baier – Wim

Nada Alic

Kinnie the Explorer

I received a beautiful vinyl from Kinnie the Explorer the other day and I am so excited to listen to it. I finally get to buy a nice new record player next week and it’ll be my first spin. Until then, I’m enjoying the digital copy of their self-titled debut via Alcohol Records. I’m so excited to watch this band grow for a number reasons, I think they’re really talented, and also – band member Peter Lanceley happens to run one of my favourite music blogs, called This Music Wins. His curating style is always spot on and I find myself returning to find out what he’s listening to. I highly recommend you add this blog to your Google Reader.

The first thing you notice about this record is it’s sparse arrangements and experimental sound – the opener “Scissor Dance” fills empty space with fluttering guitar and rhythm, as if it were one unending thought. Pulsing like a steady stream, it’s almost got a Radiohead or Explosions in the Sky vibe. During long stretches of instrumental, it almost sounds improvised – these jazz inspired moments feel really organic. The cyclical nature of nearly all the tracks leaves you in a meditative state – it’s the kind of record you’re going to want to go on long drives with.

Check out their bandcamp because there are so many tracks offered for free, but I suggest you pick up the LP because this album artwork is pretty fantastic.

Nada Alic

Professor Penguin / Pirate

I wrote about Professor Penguin a while back and I was excited to find out that they have more stuff on the way. They sent over their new single “Pirate” and b-side “Paper”. Both of which are available for free download here. I really dig the b-side “Paper” it’s got this beautiful minimalist vibe with vocals backed by a subtle beat that grows – all of it completely controlled and quiet. Their debut album drops April 9th, watch the video for Pirate, above.

Paper by Professor Penguin

Nada Alic

Are you signed up for my monthly mix?

The third “friends-only” mixtape is coming up soon – if you’re not familiar with the monthly mix series, it’s super simple. Sign up at the right of the page at the sidebar, or here and every month you will receive one letter and mix from me. That’s it.

This one is a goodie so don’t forget to sign up.

Nada Alic

Julia Holter – Moni Mon Amie

Julia Holter “Moni Mon Amie” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

I was really trying to not jump on the Julia Holter train because I’m jaded and tired of the hype that elevates and just as quickly discards artists. But dammnit, I like Julia Holter. And I don’t care who knows it. This Yours Truly video pretty much sealed the deal for me. She’s got this Nico thing going on, huh? Watch her perform Moni Mon Amie and then melt away.

Nada Alic

Teenage Kicks / Singles Club

I’ve been friends with the brothers of Teenage Kicks for a few years now – I left Toronto when they were really just coming into their own after many incarnations of bands before. It’s been pretty incredible to return back to Toronto to see their growth, but also their familiarity. Their music reminds me of this city – it reminds me that there are real dudes making real music up here. They’re not interested in following trends and never aspired to be a ‘hype’ band and for that reason they’ve not only endured, but thrived. I think people yearn for music like that, as a kind of remedy for all that shoegaze and bedroom pop fluff.

Yet they’ve grown quite savvy in engaging with their fans and introduced a “Singles Club” a while back where every two months they will release a new A-Side and B-Side exclusive to their subscribers. So far, they’ve released Vol 1& 1.5 of their singles, which include covers of Wilco, and CCR. They just revealed the next two tracks as ‘Human Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Honesty’s Changing’ from their old band Cain and Abel.

Make sure to sign up for their Singles’ Club here:

Oh and check them out at the Garrison on Saturday night for CMW!

Brandon Tauszik


Hailing from somewhere in France, duo Isaac Delusion are a fresh and promising find. They recently dropped their first EP and it is a seriously pleasant listen, I kid you not. The sound wanders wistfully through electro, folk, and ambient grooves, but it all ties together beautifully. Pick up the EP here and peep the below video for Midnight Sun, a mind bending blessing for your eyes.

Listen to this track from Little Scream and Richard Parry for the Have Not Been the Same – Vol. 1: Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die to benefit Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) by Zunior Music Label alongside other wonderful artists like Cuff the Duke, Kevin Drew and Great Lake Swimmers. Find out more about it here. The song is fantastic – stream below.

18. When You Know Why You’re Happy (M2O’H) performed by Richard Reed Parry and Little Scream by havenotbeenthesame

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