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Nada Alic

FWBA Update

I’ve been meaning to update you on the blog, as some of you might have noticed – the posts have slowed down quite a bit. And there’s good reason for it! I recently started working at Etsy, so that has been taking quite a bit of my time. It’s been so thrilling and satisfying to be apart of a company like Etsy, and I feel truly honored to get to represent Canada (I gush all about it here). I’ve been adjusting to the new rhythm in my life, and with that – haven’t been able to tend to FWBA as much. But not to worry – I fully plan to continue blogging, it just won’t be as consistent, but hopefully with that – more quality posts. Now that I will have less time to commit to the blog, I want to be sure that what I do share, is music that truly moves me. So thanks for being patient and checking in – there’s more good stuff to come. Especially if you sign up for the monthly newsletter (by throwing your email in on the right) you’ll receive a personal mix from yours truly.

Real quick reminder, don’t write to friendswithbotharms [ at ] because I’ve forgotten the password and can no longer access it (I’m half relieved!) So temporarily, send all things to nalic11 [ at ] until I crack the code, the eternal mystery that once was my password.

In other news, my boyfriend and I watched this Harry Nilsson documentary this week and it was pretty fantastic. Highly recommended!

Brandon Tauszik


Have you ever wondered what would happen if The X Files and hip hop combined forces? If so, I’ve found the solution to your query. Meet Tidus, an intergalactic entity producing music for feeble-minded earth creatures. Not your archetypal hip hop artist, his music touches on topics such as galaxies, spaceships, and harnessing the power of the self. Temporarily grounded in NYC and managed by 3qtr (Odd Future, The Jealous Guys) he produces all his own tracks and directs his videos. Be sure to grab the Absolute Anywhere LP, Mirrors EP, and check out Cruisin’ (below) from his upcoming Doors EP. I caught up with Tidus last week for a few questions:

Things are changing fast in hip hop. Where do you see the genre going in the next few years?

In the next few years, sooner than that I see hip hop being genre-less … music in general. The lines are converging more and more and I think thats dope as fuck. I look at genres as I look at racism, no need for that shit, let’s just make good music.

Have you always had an interest in galactic things?

I’ve always been pulled to the metaphysical, always been pulled to whats going on in the sky. It’s a reflection of us and we are a reflection of it. We were once Gods and Goddesses, and we still are, just with amnesia man. We got to remember our awesomeness. Fuck what society says, I’m trying to build a universe, you feel? Sounds like a long shot, but that’s only a limit of the mind. Real niggas do what they want, scared niggas do what they can.

What is your purpose on this planet?

To spread love, inspire millions, and bring in this beautiful new-age next level shit we have coming upon us. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

TiDUS | “CRUiSiN” (Produced by TiDUS) | DOORS set by 3qtr

Nada Alic

Paul Stewart – Permanence

I haven’t had much time to invest in checking any email submissions and that always conjures up a mix of guilt and overwhelming thoughts of where to begin? I scratched the surface on some free time this evening and I feel really good about it. I also managed to come across Paul Stewart, a Vancouver-based artist that describes his music as “defeatist folk”. It’s this sort of self deprecation that I find so endearing. It really does have this soft melancholy, real fragile sounding layers that aren’t thick enough to support one another – but they’re not trying to. His vocal layers are more of an echo, a ghost of himself, than a filler. Lovely stuff. Grab the EP here.

Nada Alic

Soko – I Thought I Was An Alien

Ooh, how I love Soko – that accent, those delicate yet subtly badass folk songs. She’s got a certain husk to her voice, like she hasn’t slept in a week. It’s so much more endearing when you hear the accent. I feel like I’m listening to someone sing out their adolescent journals. You can stream the album via Stereogum. 

Soko – I Thought I Was an Alien

Nada Alic

Damien Jurado – Maraqopa

Damien Jurado‘s Maraqopa, due Feb 21st via Secretly Canadian is fantastic. Admittedly, I’d never listened to any of his previous releases although I’m aware that he’s something of a legend in the indie folk world (yes, I realized that it’s his 10th album). But this record hit me hard, it feels epic and expansive – it feels like something that requires movement somewhere. It feels just as much an internal exploration as it is an external voyage – like looking over the Grand Canyon and trying to make sense of the magnitude of it. He collaborated with producer Richard Swift, the result feeling organic and live – there are moments of more adventurous psychedelic rock, and delicate folk. You can stream the record here.

Damien Jurado – Working Titles

Nada Alic

Bowerbirds – Mini Doc

About “The Clearing” by Bowerbirds from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.

Bowerbirds put together a mini documentary to take us into the making of The Clearing, a record that is deeply personal – and is a result of a year of exploration of themselves as a band, their relationship, and the world around them. It’s really neat, and a super honest portrayal of two artists struggling to make it work and eventually find the ability to once again be creative together by, “letting the darkness in”. Watch above, and purchase The Clearing here.

Nada Alic

Bahamas – Barchords

I’m going to be honest, I was watching Eagle Vs. Shark last night and I realized that Jemaine looks like Alfie from Bahamas which led me to streaming his new record and falling in love with “I Got You Babe”. Funny how my train of thought unravels. Bahamas played for us last SXSW and he was one of my faves. His new record is superb, it’s getting more Jack Johnson/John Mayer-ish but I don’t mind at all. Find out more here.

Bahamas- I Got You Babe

I was sent this Valentines-inspired compilation from Hi54lofi Records featuring a ton of really great artists, so I wanted to share them with you. I was especially excited to see Glass Cake with a new song up on there – I haven’t heard much from here in a good while and I always really liked her. Other great tracks include: Coffee & Wine by Adan, along with Inspired and the Sleep’s “What I Want and What I Need”.

If you’re looking for some mood music, I suggest you grab this one.

Glass Cake – Window

Nada Alic

Jordan Klassen – Kindness EP

Vancouver-based Jordan Klassen is the kind of artist that inspires whimsy. It’s the accompanying music to slow motion running scenes through tall meadows. With elements of the Middle East and Freelance Whales, it’s got a childlike quality to it. It’s deeply calming, an effect best produced by strings and soft male falsetto. I haven’t heard something with this kind of clarity in a while. Does that make sense? It sounds clean. It sounds good. Listen to it here.

Jordan Klassen – Go To Me by killbeat music

Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings from Bella Union on Vimeo.

My friend Nathan sent this over to me and I’m so glad he did. I’ve been waiting a long while to hear something from J. Tillman (excuse me) Father John Misty and this video accompanying his new song is fantastic, maybe one of the best that I’ve seen in a long while. Now, I’m not too sure why the name change but according to his description via Bella Union it sounds like he’s not all that sure himself, “When discussing ‘Father John Misty’, Tillman paraphrases Philip Roth: ‘It’s all of me and none of me, if you can’t see that, you won’t get it’.  What I call it is totally arbitrary, but I like the name.  You’ve got to have a name.  I never got to choose mine.” He goes on to talk about alter egos and having fun with the artists’ identity, I just hope it’s still the same J Tillman and not some new manifestation of Edward Sharpe. Watch the video, featuring Aubrey Plaza (yes, of Parks and Rec)

Father John Misty – Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings by Bella Union

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