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I’m excited to premiere the Birds & Batteries remix of Peter Wolf Crier‘s Right Away off their album Garden of Arms. Birds & Batteries gave the original track a real atmospheric sound with fluid bass tones, punctuated drum beats and synth to give the original reverse guitar loops more of a rhythmic feel. I like that it doesn’t stray too far from the original sound, while maintaining the melodic structure – the remix acts as a sort of elastic, stretching sounds to new realms and amplifying it. It’s got a bit of that Postal Service vibe too.

The track is a good representation of the synergy between both acts, the two recently toured the West Coast together where friendships kindled. Remixing is the music world’s version of a love letter – so consider this your hint, PWC. Birds & Batteries dig your style…[wink, wink]

More exciting news, Birds & Batteries are preparing to release their upcoming album “Straylight”. They need your help funding a music video and mastering the album. To find out more, check out their Kickstarter page and donate. Word is, it’s their best album to date, and if their previous work is any indication of what they can come up with, I’ll take their word for it. Besides, there’s a whole list of goodies that you’ll get if you do.

Listen/download the track below.

Right Away – PWC- B&B Remix by birdsandbatteries

Nada Alic

Glass Cake – Honey Months

I’ve loved Glass Cake for years and because I’ve never known all that much about her, I always assumed she was a Berkeley college student that recorded beautiful lo-fi music in her bedroom. But then I got word of her Honey Months EP and was glad to learn this might just be more than a hobby. I noticed that one of the tracks was a cover of Diane Cluck’s  “Yr Million Sweetnesses”. It felt like my girl band-crush worlds were colliding. Watch Glass Cake performing Yr Million Sweetnesses below.

Nada Alic

Bravestation – Signs of the Civilized

Bravestation sent me a new track that became available for free download yesterday, and you can grab it here. The song has a tropical/futuristic vibe. Excited to hear the rest of the full length. It’s got a real chill, down tempo groove to it. Derek Wilson of Bravestation will be joining me and a few other bloggers for this Friday’s Toronto Music Industry Association panel on “digital tastemakers”. Really excited to chat about blurgin’ with him. Read his interview here. 

Signs of the Civilized by Bravestation

Nada Alic

That Ghost / Rosalind EP

It’s been a while since I’ve heard anything from That Ghost so I was interested to hear the latest EP. The EP is titled after his grandmother who died at a young age to cancer. He’d never met her but he had this photograph of her and it left him romanticizing her life, wondering what she was like. As a result, the songs sound heavy and haunted – hinting of a nostalgia for a past he himself never experienced. Heavy reverb and layered vocals make it sound all the more weathered and old.

That Ghost – Morning Now

Nada Alic

The Wooden Sky / Interview Magazine

The Wooden Sky – Grace On A Hill Pt1 – Bald, Naked and Red from Black Box Vimeo on Vimeo.

The Wooden Sky have always been good about documenting their music in a way that feels intimate and cinematic. Their latest video premiered exclusively on Interview magazines‘ site today and features a french girl subtly setting the scene via a phone call to someone while pacing back in forth, in where else? but an empty church. There is something spiritual about this song and performance of “Bald Naked and Red” describing oneself at birth – off their just released record, “Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon a Sun”.

I’ve just been familiarizing myself with the songs, letting the play throughout my apartment, filling in all the empty spaces not yet occupied by any furniture (seriously, there’s nothing here!)  Some early favorites include “The Night Goes On and On” and “Your Fight Will Not Be Long”. Really looking forward to listening deeper, for now check out the video above.

Nada Alic

Germany Germany ft. Steffaloo

Germany Germany is back from hiatus and sent me two new tracks – Departure & Disconnect ft. Steffaloo. These are off an upcoming full length called Blank Mind Empty Heart. It’s pretty mellow and calming. Steffaloo’s vocals blend perfectly in Disconnect. Listen, below.

Spanish Prisoners – Know No Violence (official music video) from Spanish Prisoners on Vimeo.

New video from Spanish Prisoners for their track “Know No Violence”. Everyone knows I seem to have a soft spot for slo-mo videos of weird girls dancing in the forest, so this video pretty much covers it for me. Watch above! And download Gold Fools here.

Nada Alic

Howth – Newkirk


I wrote about Howth a while ago when they did that Dolly Parton (but really Whitney Houston) cover of “I Will Always Love You” and I thought it was a really beautiful take on the original(s). In fact, when Whitney passed and everyone was posting their covers, I was reminded of how good Howth’s was. So when they recently reached out to tell me about their Kickstarter project I was excited to hear the new record. And it is fantastic. This record is their transformation from a folk duo to a fully fledged band. One of my favorite tracks on the record is “Honey” but they’re going to let me share Wind Blows Cold for now. Honey is a hollowed, haunted track – the lyrics are devastating, and manage to make reference to Oprah in a way that doesn’t sound terrible. It actually sounds really honest. In the meantime listen to the equally great “Wind Blows Cold” and help them get their music out there by donating to their Kickstarter project. 

Wind Blows Cold by Howth

Nada Alic

Glass Vaults – Gold Star

Thanks to my friend Jimmy from Head Underwater for posting about this one – I watched a pretty beautiful video for Glass Vaults on his blog and it led me to discovering more about this band. Glass Vaults are a duo out of New Zealand that put out their second EP Into Clear a little while ago and just recently, a video for the track “Gold Star” (see below). You can stream the record here.

Glass Vaults – Gold Star from jukboxr on Vimeo.

Nada Alic

Bazan and Deerhoof

It’s stuff like this that keeps me blogging, or at least makes me feel like what I’m sharing is important. Deerhoof ft. Dave Bazan, renamed “No One Asked Bazan To Dance” along with a B Side called “Gas and Matches” from Headphones. It’s available in limited quantity as a translucent blue vinyl that you can buy here. I just bought mine! Excited to see him on March 15th in Buffalo with my pal, Billy. I’m driving all the way to Lockport for this. Listen to the track below.

Deerhoof (feat. David Bazan) – No One Asked Bazan to Dance by Polyvinyl Records

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