Tennis / Young & Old

Nada Alic

Tennis is set to drop their Young & Old LP on Vday through Fat Possum. It seems as though their sound has been steadily evolving since their days at sea – will be cool to see how much they’ve grown (or not). It also marks the one year anniversary? (for lack of a better word) of my work trip to Vegas. Yes, I spent last Valentine’s Day in Vegas with my two bro co-worker friends, and received quite the spa treatment thanks to my boyfriend’s sneaky schemes. This year, I’m going to stay as far away from Vegas as possible. This is totally off topic and only a funny story to me. Listen to their track Origins, below.


1. It All Feels The Same
2. Origins
3. My Better Self
4. Traveling
5. Petition
6. Robin
7. High Road
8. Dreaming
9. Take Me To Heaven
10. Never To Part

Tennis- Origins

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