Gabriel Bruce- Sleep Paralysis

Nada Alic

Gabriel Bruce’s sleep paralysis has got that baritone comparative to The National, with similar spooky qualities of Timber Timbre or Leonard Cohen. It moves with the interplay of dark and light (sleep/wake) to the minimal sound of an organ and Bruce repeating, “I got this feeling that we’re dead”. It strikes me at a good time- now that it gets darker, earlier, now that I’ve been listening to way too much Radiolab, and watching too many late-night documentaries. The video coincides with a debut 7″ release via the London art collective Off Modern, along with an illustrated representation of the music which explores the depth of sleep paralysis further, which can only be explained by the Bruce camp as follows,

“featuring cuttings and ephemera of people’s recollections of the remarkable sensation. The book draws from concrete poetry’s emphasis on the typographical possibilities of arrangement, with fragments by Paul Eluard sitting next to spliced out sections of medical texts and anonymous memoirs of the conditions, whilst placing itself within framework of Dada’s cut-up technique, popularised later by everyone from Burroughs to Bowie, where disparate fragments are dissociated from their contexts, and are given meaning cumulatively in the re-presentation of them.”

I really want to see what this book looks like.

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