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Yesterday was a pretty exciting day and not just because no kids came to my door, which led me to polishing off a bag of mini chocolate bars. No. Yesterday I was warmly welcomed into the BOOOOOOOM family. I’ve been a huge fan for a long while, and I’ve kept in touch with Jeff here and there throughout my travels, and different jobs, always with a deeply sincere appreciation for what he does. It’s hard to keep yourself invested, but it’s a commitment to the culture- the conversation that connects us, and Jeff does it so well with art as the medium. He’s been able to cultivate a widespread global appreciation for art by curating some of the best new artists in all realms of art. And he’s gained quite a following because of this.

I really admire him as a blogger so when we threw around the idea of me- occassionally writing about music I was completely honored! I think we have the same vibe/aesthetic/taste, so joining forces makes sense. FWBA will always be the homebase, but I’m excited to see how it can stretch and grow in these new realms. I’ll keep you all posted on my contributions, but you should already have Booooooom bookmarked, right? Of course you do.

Anyway, as any good speech goes, I’d like to thank God, Booooooom, and the internet.



PS- Check out my first post up today on Jessica Jalbert. My favorite new musical crush.

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