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Portland band Grouper released a 7″ that inlcudes “Water People” and “Moving Machine” on a limited run vinyl that sold out before most people caught wind of it. I’ve still been on an Alien Observer kick for the last little while, it helps me fall asleep, (and no, I don’t really need too much help with that).

“Water People” b/w “Moving Machine” is out now digitally, and you can grab it over here.

Grouper – Water People by pmwtumblr

Grouper :: Moving Machine by gorillavsbear

Nada Alic

Oregon Bike Trails — High School Lover

Whenever I get emails from Father/Daughter Records I know it’ll be something I like. I checked out Oregon Bike Trails and I totally, and not suprisingly, fell in love. It’s still got the perfect amount of summer left for me to soak in. Think: Peter Bjorn & John, MGMT, and Panda Bear. The project started as a solo effort from Santa Monica’s Zach Yudin and has since expanded to a full band. “High School Lover” is so uncomplicated and catchy that I’ve been listening to it on repeat and passing it around.

Pre-order the 7″ over at Father/Daughter. and listen to it below!

Oregon Bike Trails- High School Lover

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Check out this stripped down version of “Family Dinner” for Terroreyes. This is one of my favorite songs off their record “Miss Mermaid”.

Nada Alic

New Oberhofer Track “Gotta Go”

New track from Oberhofer called “Gotta Go” extending outward beyond the bedroom for a more polished pop sound- produced by Fool’s Gold Lewis Pesacov. It’s sort of got that sparkly Cults vibe.

The “Gotta Go” b/w “Mahwun” 7″ is out now digitally via White Iris, with a physical release October 4th. Oberhofer will put out their record via Glassnote sometime in 2012.

Oberhofer – Gotta Go 

Excited to share another video from the Silver Series- a SXSW project where all my worlds collided and Invisible Children collaborated with Friends With Both Arms and La Blogotheque, Levis, Windish, Fender and friends to film 25 bands perform in a park over the course of 4 days (not recommended!) That week was a dream, we thought of all the bands at SXSW we’d ever like to see play right in front of us, and strangely and unnaturally- they pretty much all agreed. What transpired became a non stop take-away show with some of our favorite artists, all in the comfort of a park by the highway that we claimed for the week.

Wye Oak was no exception- for a band that released one of my favorite records of the year, Civilian, they did not disappoint. While playing on a swingset; strumming along to “Holy Holy” cetainly felt like something holy. This session was extra special because it was the first video I got to edit. Here’s to many more videos from that week (very soon). Watch the rest of the videos HERE.

Wye Oak – Holy Holy 

Nada Alic

Real Estate — It’s Real

Highly anticipating the new Real Estate record out on Domino on Sept. 27th, so I’ve been listening to the new song for a while now and I’m totally digging it. So much so that I used the word ‘digging’. I can’t get enough of melodic dream pop- mostly because I can’t let go of the remnants of San Diego-ness in my last week here, so stuff like Real Estate seems pretty fitting.

This sounds like a maturation most notably in the production- thanks to Kevin McMahon (The Walkmen, Titus Andronicus) everything sounds a little cleaner and less ‘recorded-in-my-bedroom’. But I didn’t mind that, much, too. Listen to their single, “It’s Real” below.

Real Estate – It’s Real

Breaks my heart to write about shows post-my life here. But next Wednesday- Canadian duo, Purity Ring will be making their San Diego debut at Soda Bar. Purity Ring only started a year ago by Megan James and Corin Roddick, from Edmonton who’ve been making/creating/in and around music since they were teenagers; Roddick most notably as a member of Gobble Gobble (aka now: Born Gold).

They just released a new song called Belispeak that will be featured on an upcoming 7″ split with Braids via Fat Possum on Oct. 11th. Check out the new track below and catch them next week at Soda Bar (if only, for me!)

Facebook event here

Purity Ring- Belispeak

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Nada Alic

Gem Club — Breakers LP

Whenever someone asks me what songs would go well for a sleepy mood, something calming- I always suggest Gem Club. There’s something so haunting and otherworldly- like the sounds of space. Gem Club’s first full length debut entitled “Breakers” via Hardly Art.

Vinyl preorders are limited to 300 copies only available from Hardly Art. Orders come with a digital download.

I just caught wind of a Spirit Family Reunion show happening in Toronto on Sunday- so if you happen to find yourself in the city you absolutely must go. They’ll be playing at the Painted Lady with Emily Jill West. RSVP over at the Facebook page. And if you’re on the fence, maybe this video will remind you>>

Seriously friends, this is a rare opportunity to see one of the most talented, authentic, underrated bands out there right now. I’ve got a feeling that will soon change. Hope you enjoy!


Charlotte Gainsbourg is back with a ton of new stuff. She’s got an EP called Terrible Angels out Sept 6th through Because Music/Elektra– which includes a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Just like a Woman” and two music videos. Then she’s got  a double album coming out Nov. 8th called “Stage Whisper” which will include 18 tracks- live and unreleased.

It’s been a while since IRM but her new stuff sounds a lot more dance/electronic-y. Check out the video below where she suspiciously walks down the street at night then goes into a full dance number with clones in a parking lot. Y’know, the way I walk home every night. Oh and listen to her new track “White Telephone” below.

Charlotte Gainsbourg _ White Telephone by Riot Idiot

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