The union of Mutual Benefit and Holy Spirits is a lot like any good combination of awesome things. Like peanut butter and jelly, or me and sleep- it just makes sense. I had the good fortune of having both bands play for our SXSW Showcase, and both were standout performances. Holy Spirits playing in a giant drain pipe under a bridge, and Mutual Benefit up in a tree. They later collected in an empty pool in the park for an impromptu show for all of their friends.

They’ll come together to make a 12″ split under the name Mutual Spirits that you can pre-order HERE via Father/Daughter recordsMutual Spirits is limited to 250, pressed on gorgeous gold + clear swirl vinyl with album art designed by Nathaniel Whitcomb of Think or Smile. Each 12″ purchase comes with a digital download and a 1″ button set, made by hand.

They’ll be playing a record release show at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY on Wednesday, June 8th. Grab your tickets HERE.

Mutual Benefit – No Names by fatherdaughter

Holy Spirits – To the Shore by fatherdaughter

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