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I just got back from San Francisco, where I was at the 25 event featuring my handsome boyfriend Peter and Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave. It was really incredible to see how enthusiastic everyone was, cant wait to show you guys some photos and videos soon.

I wanted to tell you about a show we’re putting on with our friends in White Arrows in LA at their Bootleg Theater residency on May 9th in support of Invisible Children. Opening acts include our friends: J Irvin Dally and Steffaloo- we’re so amped on this lineup. I really encourage you guys to come hang with us, as a bonus I’ll be with my friend Andrea Nakhla who designed the poster above and my sister Ana from Toronto. Babefest ’11. We’ll be accepting donations at the door among other goodies and videos for you to check out. Details below:

White Arrows Residency
Bootleg Theater (21+)
2220 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
May 9th, 2011
Proceeds go to Invisible Children

White Arrows- The Voyeur

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J Irvin DallyTall Grass

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Steffaloo Meet Me in Montauk (Blackbird Blackbird ft. Steffaloo)

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San Diego’s The Donkeys will have their record release this Saturday at Sushi Art with openers, The Tree Ring. Born With Stripes will mark their third full-length, just released April 26th via Dead Oceans. This release is hosted by Sezio who promise to have some fun surprises for the show, for now you can reserve your tickets here. And watch the video for “Don’t Know Who We Are” above, to get a sense of what kind of show you’ll be in for.

Nada Alic

David Bazan @ Habitat House [4.21]

photo: Chadwick Gantes

I went to the Dave Bazan house show at Habitat House last night, so this is where things get heavy. There’s a density in a week like this, over exhaustion mixed with over stimulation is this hazy formula that makes me eyelids heavier and my speech a little slower. I’m headed to San Francisco right now where I’ll meet my boyfriend and some good friends but I wanted to remember last night, and give it due consideration in the absense of any photo or video at my disposal.

I usually apologize for how long my Bazan posts get, but if you know me, you’d understand. I first started listening to Bazan when I was in college, when my friend Billy Hamilton sent me the Control album, so I spent the next couple of years playing catch up to Headphones, Its Hard to Find a Friend, Achilles Heel etc. When you first start listening to the artist you know will be with you for a while, it’s a lot like falling in love in that the temperament, season and timing has gotta be right. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have caught them in that way, like you did. But I caught on quick.

This was my second or third house show, so there’s a certain familiarity to it all. When he walks in, it’s like he’s been in the room the whole time, but everyone kind of awkwardly shifts to wait for him to speak in his brawny baritone tone. It was last night that I realized why I appreciate Dave Bazan so much, it’s the nostalgia of the songs, sure- but more than anything it’s a reminder of why I even love music in the first place. Despite how extraordinarily fortunate I am to be doing the work that I do, and to be living my life in this way- there is that overarching dullness to the routine of waking up, washing my face, eating the same piece of dry toast, typing and typing, and fighting a losing battle to sleep everynight. There is little magic in all of that. But when I hear Bazan, I can, at least for a little while, shed that neutral state. I know it because I’m so attentive to everything. It’s a beautiful exchange that I believe he must inhale from the crowd every night.

There’s almost a sense of pride when watching the evolution of an artist, that they continue to produce real art, maintain their authenticity, and command new and thoughtful observations on their life and the general state of their place in the world. I think that’s what he’s done with Strange Negotiations. Less “religion and booze” and more carefully concealed anger, like he’s nearly coming to peace with it all. That’s most evident in “People” where he sings about how kindness used to be a pervasive norm, where he sings, “but now you’re selfish and mean, your eyes glued to the screen and what titilates you is depraved and obscene and I know that it is dangerous to judge but man you gotta find the truth and when you find that truth don’t budge, until the truth you found begins to change, and it does”.

He began with Wolves at the Door, a new track off Strange Negotiations, and continued to play two of my other favorites from the album, Virginia and Won’t Let Go. If any of you have heard Won’t Let Go, do you agree that it just absolutely ruins you? Holy shit. He also played his Vic Chesnutt Cover “Flirted With You All My Life” it just ruined everyone. The only unfortunate thing about last night was two guys sitting next to me who literally talked over him the whole night and just completely blew it. We sent over ample “shhhs” to little avail. Bazan was kind enough to give everyone that came a show poster, continuing his reign in my mind as coolest dude ever.

Please, if you ever listen to anything I write on hear, trust me when I tell you that you need this album. PRE-ORDER it here.

David Bazan (Vic Chesnutt Cover)- Flirted With You All My Life

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With all of yesterday’s Oprah excitement (we reached our $1 million goal), you think this office couldn’t handle one more announcement about the 25 event. But we are so pleased/elated/fortunate to announce MUMFORD & SONS as our 25 headliners, performing in Austin, TX. You might recognize them from the Grammys, you know, when they played alongside Bob Dylan, or when they recently performed at Coachella to a crowd of 50 000 singing the words to their songs, and you and over a million others might have a copy of Sigh No More. So you can see, we’re a little excited.

Mumford and Sons are one of our biggest supporters, not only in their international popularity, but in the authenticity of their commitment to our mission. They found us in a unique and devastating way, as we used their song Timshel as catharsis for an extremely difficult time in the Invisible Children family with the passing of one of our own, Nate Henn.

We knew there was something more to it. We knew that there was a real, palpable reason why their music reached us in that way. It was only until we started working with them months ago that we realized just how personal that connection was.

As they travel by Railroad on their current “Railroad Revival Tour” alongside acts like Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and Old Crow Medicine Show, they’ll be making a stop through Austin, TX where they will perform a uniquely intimate performance for some of our biggest supporters at 25.

It’s probably going to get nuts, and there’s very limited capacity so you should try to get there early or raise a ton of money starting, now. Good luck to all Austin attendees, I’ll be in San Fran, avoiding Mumford chaos.

“Break the Silence” is RSVP only, so if you haven’t done it yet, go to and start your fundraising page. Once you raise $25, we’ll send you your RSVP. But it’s first come first serve. Doors open at 5:00PM and “Break the Silence” starts right at 6.

Mumford & Sons- Timshel

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Nada Alic

Blake Mills >> Lucinda Williams

Blake Mills recently covered Lucinda Williams “I Just Wanted To See You So Bad” for The Voice Project, as he continues on his US tour with her. This further solidifies that anything he ever plays, ever, will in fact, be perfect.

My friend Brian of Wonder Beard Tapes (see: Permafucked mix below) is putting out a new Waskerley Way cassette, whom he dubs an inventor of ‘cat-wave’ music. The release is called Waterfall and it’s streaming on his bandcamp now, but wouldn’t you like a physical copy to squeeze yourself? Below are the details:

Waterfall comes in a limited run of 100 white, pro-dubbed cassettes w/ pro-imprints on the shells. You can pick one up for $5 + s/h.

You can Pre-Order you copy of Waterfallour online shop.
You can stream Waterfall in its entirety @ our Bandcamp

Orders will ship on & around May 1st

Waskerley Way- Supercat

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You know, I was hoping for a day like today. Wondering when Billy Hamilton would share his mixtape goodness beyond his carefully packaged, thoroughly considered tapes to friends- but aha! good fortune has come to you, friends. He’s launched a tumblr where he’ll start regulary posting mixes. So if it’s the case that you happen to like The Replacements, Camera Obscura, David Bazan, Tom Waits or any combination of the above- you’ll LOVE his mixes. Here’s one to kick it all off.


THE KINKS: this time tomorrow.
PETULA CLARK: downtown.
TEENAGE KICKS: hearts of darkness.
MARITIME: paraphernalia.
COLD CAVE: catacombs.
BAYSIDE: mona lisa.
FUCKED UP: the other shoe.
BUZZCOCKS: ever fallen in love.
THE SAINTS: wild about you.
MODERN LIFE IS WAR: screaming at the moon.
CRIME IN STEREO: not dead.
RIVAL SCHOOLS: choose your adventure.
THE REPLACEMENTS: i’m in trouble.
THE WAVY ORIGINALS: fake moments (of true love).
THE ROLLING STONES: ruby tuesday.
BOB DYLAN: don’t think twice, it’s all right.
NORTHCOTE: not a home.
CAROLE KING: so far away.
AGAINST ME!: even at our worst we’re still better than most.
YOUNG WIDOWS: young rivers.
RADIOHEAD: let down.
THE HOLD STEADY: how a resurrection really feels.
THE ZOMBIES: this will be our year.


Nada Alic

White Denim “Drug” via Pitchfork TV

Check out the new White Denim video for “Drug” that premiered on Pitchfork TV in anticipation of their record D that drops May 24th via Downtown

Nada Alic

Get To Know Your 25 Event Bands [Pt 1]

The Invisible Children 25 event has artists playing in 18 cities across the US, next Monday night. Check a few posts over to see the full lineup and go here to RSVP for an event in your town.


This Minneapolis trio led by Holly Newsom, along with bassist Tim Abramson and drummer Thom Burton will be heading up the Minneapolis 25 at the Loring Theater and we could not be more excited. Their self-described “minimalist grunge-pop” is more sweetened than you’d expect from ‘grunge-pop’, with Newsom’s soulful melodies and earnest lyrics. She’s got these gingerale vocals, a little hushed- but the songs carry the weight of their own depth. Reminds us a little of Heartless Bastards or Cat Power. Yet their songs suggest an exploration of faith, a deeper context in the simplicity. It’s music that challenges you, wrapped in an inviting sound. Check out some of there stuff here.

Zoo Animal- Worker Bee

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Nada Alic

Invisible Children On Oprah Today!

Just wanted to quickly let you all know that we’ll be on the Oprah Winfrey show today as the IC founders will be on talking about the upcoming 25 event on Monday. They’ll be joined by guest and longtime supporter of the mission- director Tom Shadyac as he promotes his new film “I am”. We’re all really excited here at the office, so much so that we all arrived at work at 6am this morning all sleepy-eyed and such just to catch the first wave of response from our friends on the East coast. Oprah, I never thought you’d make an appearance on FWBA, but I’m really glad it’s in this context and not because your album dropped. Still waiting for that. We love you.

If you haven’t already RSVP’d for an event, go here to find out where your nearest city is.

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