I started this blog nearly two years ago and between lists of names with my friend Andrea we settled on Friends With Both Arms, while I was listening to Faces on Film ‘The Troubles’ album- it sounded about right, as this all once started as a project between friends. I could’ve never really imagined myself back in San Diego with great friends and the world’s best job, hosting an acoustic house show with Mike Fiore, frontman of Faces on Film. There’s a sense of things coming together, like your beginnings find their way back to you again tracing a cyclical line, you can watch it all grow. That’s how this show will feel. I’m excited to be teaming up once again with Habitat House and Zack Nielsen who so kindly and frequently opens the doors of his home to strangers and friends alike to watch the unrepeatable, the never-again-quite-like shows, where artists become house guests, filling the space between the floor panels and the unreachable ceilings with their songs.

Faces on Film, for those who don’t know (or haven’t made the connection) are a Boston-based band who so elegantly play with vintage piano keys, echoed vocals and chaotic instrumentation to house Fiore’s lyrics, both lovely and troubled.

If you happen to be in the San Diego area, please come by. I assure you this is going to be something special.┬áIt’s this Wednesday, March 2nd from 8pm to 10pm. Go HERE for more details.

Faces on Film- Under Newry

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2 Responses to “FWBA + Habitat House Present: Faces on Film [Mar 2nd]”

  1. Habitat Houseon 27 Feb 2011 at 8:33 pm

    RT @fwba – I teamed up with Habitat House to put on a @FacesOnFilm show this Wed. in San Diego: http://ow.ly/44kTg

  2. sippy cup everythingon 28 Feb 2011 at 9:44 pm

    @fwba @Facesonfilm nice!!!! FoF in San Diego >>> http://ow.ly/44kTg

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