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Nada Alic

We Are Trees :: Boyfriend

I got an email from a dude named James from a band called We Are Trees about an EP called Boyfriend he’d recorded in Virginia Beach, and the minute I checked out their Bandcamp I knew I’d be into these guys.

It’s just feel-good kind of music. The perfect mix of shimmery percussion, acoustic guitars, and a weighty beat carried by light vocals. It’s got this Grizzly Bear quality, with a sweeping grace, but enough pop sensibility to make it summer-worthy.

I found myself listening to these tracks over and over, forgetting who it was, just remembering how much I really enjoyed the songs.

Its funny because the photo would suggest they’d be something like Crystal Castles, but they’re more indie pop than rave electronic, but she does have some sweet shorts on. Anyway, hope to hear more from this pair soon.

Nada Alic

New Track :: J Tillman // Three Sisters

Last year, J Tillman broke my heart when I heard him play at the Horseshoe in an electrified spiritual performance, it felt as though the room stood still in silence to watch him in a Jesus like trance, he must’ve drew us all to tears. I will only put on J Tillman if I’m feeling introspective or sad, and in no other time. His music is ethereal, the kind of music that shakes your bones and wakes you up from a dullness that will grow if you don’t keep your heart in check.

J Tillman’s 7th Full-length (whew) Singing Axe was recorded in 3 days. I’m really looking forward to this one.

Click HERE to download Three Sisters

Nada Alic

Our Husband :: Villages

Australian, Our Husband who are Nathaniel and Freya, a boy/girl duo- sent over their first released entitled ‘Villages’ which has a soft pop, new wave kind of sound with sharp synth and beautiful boy/girl harmonies. It’s got that Beach House quality and it’s pleasant listen. For some reason it reminds me of something medieval, like music to a children’s fantasy.

On that note, apologies for being a bit MIA this passed week, a little technical difficulties LIFE stuff.. I’ve been a bit swamped with writing projects, but worry not- it’s ketchup time and I’ve got a ton of awesome music to share with you all. Thanks for keeping up with FWBA!

Love, Nada.

Our Husband- Villages

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Nada Alic

David Ramirez // Shoeboxes LIVE

My good friend Brandon Tauszik is a pretty incredible filmmaker and weirdo genius that can appreciate my crass sense of humour. He works at Invisible Children but does some pretty neat stuff on the side, like this awesome video of his friend David Ramirez in what looks like a sewer? It provides the perfect atmosphere and acoustics. Check it out below.

David Ramirez – Shoeboxes // LIVE from Brandon Tauszik™ on Vimeo.

I’m so pleased to share with you our latest mix from Peter of Peter Wolf Crier. I’ve been so impressed by this band ever since I heard Inter Be sometime last year and have made regular mention of them on this blog. I mean, really have you heard his Daytrotter Session? It floored me. So of course, I wanted Peter involved in the series, because if anyone knows thoughtful, soul-shaking kinda music, it’s Peter Wolf Crier. He seems to have a deep affection for John Frusciante best known for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and well, drugs. And you can get a sense that these tracks are really haunted, there is something ethereal about them. It’s a bit hysterical but in a certain way, it’s quite beautiful like that. I’m delighted to share this beautiful collection of songs from Peter to you. When I asked him to name it and lend a few words he said this:

“John Frusciante recorded two albums from 1994-1997: one for drug money, both to save me.”

I’ve come to know a few truths in mix tape through this project: (1) it is an art best reserved for adolescent crushes (2) never include John Frusciante, shit will get away from you.


As Can Be- John Frusciante
Curtains- John Frusciante
Mascara- John Frusciante
Untitled #2- John Frusciante
Untitled #3- John Frusciante
Untitled #7- John Frusciante
Poppy Man- John Frusciante
I’m Always- John Frusciante
Femininity- John Frusciante
For Air- John Frusciante

Download it below:

Peter Wolf Crier- Untitled 101 (Daytrotter Session)

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Hey friends, for those of you in the Toronto area, we’ll be hosting a launch party for issue two of Mountains magazine at Function 13 in Kensington this Friday July 30th. Come and check out artwork by:

Brooks Reynolds –
Sylvia Waliczek – Currently on display at Function 13
Tod Ainslie – Featured in Mountains 2
Ryan MacDonald –
Jess Baumung –
Jackie Musial –
Erin McPhee –
Casey Shea – Musician gone artist.

& the music of:
Everlea –
San Sebastian –

Oh, and I’ll be there. I’m making a killer playlist (so I suppose you could say I’m the evening’s lazy dj), and there’s a bar, and discounted issues of Mountains. Come and hangout, all my pals will be there. Stoked!

Nada Alic


My friend Joe Gurba over at arguejob is the shit. He’s a rapper from Edmonton that performs under the name The Joe. Yeah, I definitely just used the words ‘rapper’ and ‘Edmonton’ in the same sentence. he also runs a label called Old Ugly. His last album UT  OH included this song below, and the video you absolutely MUST WATCH. It’s my life’s checklist to ensure that I am in fact, still cool. It’s unreal. Check out more from The Joe and listen to his latest mixtape called PLAYFIGHT at his bandcamp here. It’s that whole hatin’ on hipsters/as a hipster joke. But more.. hip hop. Makes sense?

Nada Alic

Bravestation :: White Wolves

Bravestation are a Toronto band (who I just found out are friends of friends), but they’ve definitely got that UK indie 80s post punk, with feverish lyrics, brooding basslines, and this polished National/Interpol aesthetic. I’ve been hearing a lot of comparisons to Yeasayer, perhaps mildly, but I don’t really hear it too much. Their new wave/post punk EP is their second, they released a debut in 09. They’re playing Wrongbar on August 12th, I may check this one out. Oh, and best part- their EP is up for a free download over at their bandcamp page.

Bravestation- White Wolves

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Nada Alic

Sunday Mixes

Some dude sent me over a bunch of mixtapes from a series called Get High and Fuck. Which reminds me of a little dance party held often in Toronto called ‘Dance Like You Fuck’ Hmm, weird.

Now, I don’t know if it’s just because I write for Vice, but I’ve been running into the depths of human indecency everywhere I go, whether its a proliferation of cursing, boobs, or violence, I’ve seen it all. I don’t know how I feel about it just yet, I think I possess a certain amount of little boy potty-humour, but I’m still a pretty classy lady. I know it’s all a ruse anyway, either way, despite the cheesy name the mixes aren’t so bad. Check em out.


Whipples: Get High and Fuck

(0:00) Houses – Endless Springs
(2:52) Oh No! Yoko – 90s Kids (Teen Daze remix)
(6:20) Brothertiger – Feel
(10:31) Chad Valley – Up & Down
(13:44) Blithe Field – A Spin in a Spirit Car
(15:59) Cults – Oh My God
(18:55) Teen Daze – Driving Home from the Beach (The Feeling Of)
(21:50) Active Child – I’m In Your Church At Night
(25:59) Mazes – Heather Kissing Heath on the Dancefloor (Joshua Dumas mix)
(28:43) Arthur Russell – A Little Lost

Download The Mix (43.8 MB)

Cults- Oh My God

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

David Como who performs as Sing Leaf is a Toronto-based artist that recently remixed a Foxes in Fiction track called 15 Ativan. You can grab it over at his bandcamp HERE. Its really really good.

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