Bazan: Live at Electrical Audio

Nada Alic

I love my friend Andrew (Jamdrew) for so many reasons. We’re friends mostly because we both really love music, all kinds of music. And most often our loves align, and we find outselves loving most of the same stuff. In comes David Bazan– an artist that’s something sacred to us, to even talk about him would require full attention from the other, knowing that there is some good news on the way, or just how soul crushing his lyrics really are. We nerd out pretty hard over it. Well, in a few days I’ll be seeing him play, and will be bringing a giant poster of him to sign, “To Jamdrew, catch those dreams, my dreamcatcher”.

So Andrew reveals to me that Bazan had released David Bazan: Live At Electrical Audio a couple weeks ago that includes 10 new versions of the following songs. Magazine is available for download, and How I Remember and I Never Wanted You are streaming HERE

1. I Do
2. How I Remember
3. When We Fell
4. Magazine
5. Never Wanted You
6. Cold Beer & Cigarettes
7. Heavy Breath
8. Keep Swinging
9. Fewer Broken Pieces
10. In Stitches

Oh, and I found this cover of Julie Doiron’s ‘Will You Still Love Me in December’ on

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  1. Nada Alicon 03 Mar 2010 at 10:19 pm

    David Bazan: Live at Electrical Audio: I love my friend Andrew (Jamdrew) for so many reasons. We’re friends mostly…

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