american hearts

Nada Alic


I made my triumphant return to San Diego this passed week and checked out A A Bondy at the Casbah- successfully blowing my mind and getting me nostalgic all at once. There is something about his coarse voice, his tired eyes, his soft face- it makes you feel bad for putting him through the agony of revisiting these songs, these places right there in front of you. But he does- he puts himself through it every night in every city. The only song that has a beat, a little blood coarsing through it is, ‘Killed Myself When I Was Young’ as he sings, “and I will come back someday, if I do not lose my way” and when he says those words he means them. He holds on to every syllable furiously. He makes you think about home and where that is for you, and the harmonica starts whailing and everything feels warm and you look around and see some of your favorite faces and you feel safe. That’s what his music does to you. Its the collective exhale. 

Afterwards we all stood out front and he was loading his gear out and he accidentally spit on my friend Noelle, which is hilarious and I really wish I were there to see it. No one messes with Noelle, good thing he meant no harm, that girl can hurt someone. I love Noelle. 

A A Bondy- Killed Myself When I Was Young

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2 Responses to “american hearts”

  1. Nada Alicon 21 Jan 2010 at 2:10 am

    american hearts: I made my triumphant return to San Diego this passed week and checked out A A Bondy at the Casbah…

  2. noelleon 04 Feb 2010 at 12:16 pm

    In defense of Mr. Bondy, he was extremely apologetic and the spitting incident was a not so orthodox ice breaker which lead to a conversation about good pizza, the deep south and Europeans w/ their attitudes. He won me back.

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